Traveled through Las Vegas recently, and stopped by South Point Casino to play a little. After having some bad luck at the craps table, I decided to try my betting system at the roulette table, and walked away a winner! Started with and cashed out with 0+ in about an hour! (One time, I started with and ended up winning over 0 in one sitting playing my system!) BTW, I’m NOT selling anything here. Just sharing for fun!

What is my system? It’s just a way of betting that gives me a 66.6% chance (not counting the 0 and 00) of winning or breaking even! I’m NOT saying it’s a guaranteed way of winning. I’ve lost everything a number of times betting this way. BUT, I have played longer and won more often with this system. Can I get rich with this system? Nope! Sometimes, I’ve walked away with only more, or less than I started with after an hour of playing. It makes the game LOTS more fun, however!

Here’s how my system works: We all know the roulette field is divided up into three sections of twelve.
1st section: 1-12
2nd section: 13-24
3rd section: 25-36

By placing your bets evenly over two of the three sections, there is a greater chance of winning or breaking even. Bets are ONLY placed on the dozens, streets, 6-lines, or corners. RARELY would you place a split bet. And NEVER PLACE A STRAIGHT-UP BET ON A SINGLE NUMBER! The whole point of this system is to place small, effective bets that can win without destroying your bankroll.

Before you place your bets, you must first notice how the wheel is trending. (I know. Each spin is completely independent/unrelated to the next.) Is the wheel hitting numbers in the first twenty-four numbers (1-24), or the last twenty-four numbers (25-36)?

How to bet: Your first bet should always be a minimum bet. (Let’s say min.) If the wheel is trending on the first twenty-four numbers (1st and 2nd twelves), then place on the 1st twelve section, and an identical bet on the 2nd twelve section. You are now covering 2/3 of the playing field (less the 0 and 00). Should a number hit in either of those two sections, you will profit . This low bet sets your baseline and helps you gauge where the wheel is hitting most so you know where to place your bets.

Next bet: From there, move to betting on the 6-lines. Place identical bets on the middle three lines of the 1st twelves section, and do EXACTLY the same on the 2nd twelves section. When betting the minimum bet (), you’ll have bet . If a number hits in the middle two streets of either section, you’ll be paid ! If it hits on the first or fourth street of either section, you’ll be paid and break even!

Next bet: Move on to betting on all four streets of each of the two sections of twelve the wheel is trending on. Remember, the bets on each section MUST be identical. If a number hits on ANY number in the two sections you’re betting on, you’ll be paid for each you bet! So, if you bet a total of ( on each street of 1st twelve, and on each street of 2nd twelve), you’ll be paid ! There is NO break even bet here.

Your next bet: Repeat your bet on the lines AND/OR the streets. Add to that bet some corners bets. For the 1st twelves section, you will place identical bets ( each) on the first two corners and the last two corners, leaving the middle corners open. Do the EXACT same for the 2nd twelves section. You will now have added to your overall bets. If a number hits in the 1st or 3rd column of either section, you’ll be paid , breaking even for your corner bets. If the number is a 2nd column, you’ll be paid on your bet in addition to your streets and/or lines bets! (See my first win in the video)

Last bets/variations: Betting as you did on the last spin, you can now add more to each twelves section by betting on the middle corners, thereby covering all the corners. The goal is to hope the ball lands on a number in the 2nd column and/or the middle two streets of each section you are betting on. (This is how I bet for the second win in the video) This is the ONLY bet where you will lose money if the number hits the outside corner numbers of either of the two sections you are betting on. You’ll still be paid, but you’ll have a net loss (assuming you haven’t bet on the streets or lines, which you SHOULD be betting on as well.) If you don’t want to bet on the middle corners, you can increase your bets EQUALLY to however much you want.

IF A NUMBER HITS IN A SECTION YOU ARE NOT BETTING ON, start the betting process over with identical minimum bets placed on the two twelves sections you feel the wheel is now trending toward. DO NOT TRY TO WIN BACK YOUR LOSSES BY REPEATING YOUR LOST BET OR INCREASING YOU LOST BET! Start from the beginning and work your way up!

Again, I’m NOT promising or guaranteeing ANYONE that they will win all the time. BUT, I can guarantee it will make playing roulette a little more fun!

See you at the tables!




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